How it Works

Our device, Aquasonic Diesel, performs a physic – molecular treatment through radio-electromagnetic wave pulses on the diesel (fuel), causing a molecular break (called “cracking”) before combustion, allowing to an increase on the developed power up to 15%, a shigh reduction on the polluting emissions of CO2 up to 60%, reduction of the fuel consumption until a 20%, and therefore, a greater energetic efficiency.


With Aquasonic Diesel, you will not need anymore the supply of additives and substances added to the fuel.


The AQUASONIC Diesel effect on the fuel is made immediately; with our device, you will get huge benefits:


  • Improves the fuel combustion
  • Lowers the pollutant emissions
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Economic savings on engines and boilers
  • Power developed increase


AQUASONIC DIESEL means savings and efficiency.


  • Through the molecular cracking we optimize the combustion and it raises up to 15%
  • You will get a complete combustion and a fuel reduction up to 20%
  • Reduction up to 60% of pollutant CO2 emissions
  • You will not need to add additives to the fuel